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Suppliers are listed in alphabetical order. The user can search for medicines using the medicine proprietary name(brand), Manufacturer’s name, NAPPI CODE, AND BARCODE OR use the APP Scanner to scan the barcode where applicable.

Please use alternative references for information on drug uses, dosages, side-effects, contra-indications and drug interactions..

The SINGLE EXIT PRICE is inclusive of 15% VAT. This is the price any licensed dispensing healthcare provider pays for the product in the private healthcare sector. .

The RETAIL PRICE is inclusive of 15% VAT. It is made up of the SINGLE EXIT PRICE and the dispensing fee. This is the maximum price the pharmacist can charge for the medicine. Dispensing cash doctors apply a discounted dispensing fee for these products. Different Medical aids reimburse providers at negotiated prices lower than the maximum chargeable retail price. .

The NAPPI CODE is a unique coding system for medicines, surgical and medical procedures which allows the consumer to claim a rebate/refund from their medical aid fund. .

OUR TEAM IS VESTED IN YOUR SUCCESS SO ORDER MEDICINES VIA THE APP OR WEB TO SAVE YOU VALUABLE TIME. Create an account or use your existing account to order medicines on the go via the SAMEMEDS APP or via the web and get your medicines delivered to your practice. Maintain quality standards of your medicines by ordering from Reputable Wholesalers/Distributors and Licensed Manufactures. Avoid counterfeit or stolen goods..

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